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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 27, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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now at 10:00 breaking news a gunman walks into a planned parenthood and starts shooting. what we're learning about the victims, the shooter and the five hour standoff. a mild holiday bust i'm tracking big changes as a front comes through new england tonight. plus, what brought down these power poles sparking concern. and what a grown man's mother advised her son to do that landed him in jail. >> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00. complete new england news coverage. three people are dead and nine injured in a mass shooting inside a planned parenthood in colorado springs, colorado. hello everyone i'm john monahan. we've been tracking every new development since the shooting happened this afternoon. we have learned two civilians and a police officer died in that attack. 10 minutes ago we obtained this picture of the officer.
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the 44-year-old was a six year veteran of the force. mary maloney brings us closer to the chaotic scene that sparked a five hour standoff. >> you could see all the gunshots and oh, my god, it terrified me. >> reporter: a shooter sent people into a busy shopping area ducking for cover. >> the cop was like get out of here there's shooter. >> witnesses reported hearing bullets. >> a bullet cracked over my head and hit the stop sign by the left side. truck i heard about 20. >> reporter: 11:30 police got the call of an active shooter. hours later officer and the gunman were still involved in a shoot-out inside the planned parenthood building. during the firefight some scared witnesses inside the building were able to call loved ones. >> she was in inside. she called me and she was
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i heard the shooting and she couldn't say much because she was afraid those guys, you know,. >> reporter: police evacuated people trapped for hours as offers continued to exchange gunfire with the shoot -- officers continued to exchange gunfire with the shooter. >> the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him and at that point they were able to get him to surrender. >> reporter: more than five hours after the shooting started police took the suspect into custody. >> this is a horrible tragedy for our community. >> reporter: i'm mary maloney reporting. >> again, three people are confirmed dead from today's shooting, including two civilians and one police officer. nine more people were shot there they're in the hospital tonight in good condition. boston police reached out to a fox 25 to tell us they're increasing patrols at and around the planned parenthood building in the city. they tell us it is a direct result of the shooting in colorado springs. planned parenthood is closed
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this weekend but will be back open on monday morning. also tonight, the planned parenthood league of massachusetts sent us this statement saying in part, "our top priority is the safety of our patients and staff. the situation in colorado is tragic and our hearts go out everyone to involved. here in massachusetts, and across the country planned parenthood has drawn security measures in place, worked closely with law enforcement agencies had a very strong safety record. when news of the mass shooting first broke this afternoon we alerted it on our fox 25 news app. our news app is a good way to stay in the know as news breaks. you can download it for free just search fox 25 news. now, to a live look at the current temperatures in your area. just after 10:00 on november 27th and we are still seeing temperatures in the 50s in the maps. chief meteorologist kevin kint was beautiful outside
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to last is it? >> no. check out the highs today. this was a record 65 in hartford, boston 64, and worcester in the 60s today. check this out. the record for boston stands at 72. set in 1896. which weren't even close to a record high temperature despite how warm its out there. and still is. it's still 58 in boston and 57 for you in woburn. in the mid-50s. 56 in lowell and mid-50s generally everywhere. 58 in leominster, 57 in holden into southern new hampshire manchester, new hampshire still in the 50s as well. 55 bedford, there's vermont still 60 in one town look at that west arlington at 60. stratten they're making snow now it's melting a bit with 50s for temperatures even at night. right now cape cod you too these temperatures will tomorrow.
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get out and enjoy it while you can. the cooldown is on the way and i'm tracking when some showers arrive as well. >> tonight we're learning more about the man gunned down outside fenway park on thanksgiving morning. today would have been the train conductor's 30th birthday. but police say he was caught in the crossfire and killed. fox 25's robert goldsston spoke to his heartbroken family. >> we have a full life, he's a happy guy. always tried to get the family together. it's a keep loss for us. >> reporter: family fought back tears knowing today was supposed to be his 30th birthday. >> jeff day's father talked to us briefly bud made it clear he could not say much because he had just returned home from his son's body at the medical examiner. jeff day was shot and killed outside who's on first across the street from fenway early thanksgiving morning. police say he had just left a private function and he was hit bay spray bullet.
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three others were also shot but survived. police have not made any arrests. investigators are working to find surveillance video that may help generate leads. >> in cherry's boston neighborhood there has been a steady stream of family and friends showing up for support he was the breadwinner. he was a hardworking kid. >> reporter: jeff day who was originally from haiti has been working as a conductor on the mbt's commuter rail. >> -- mbta's commuter rail. >> he was looking to be an engineer. he did enjoy. it's just sad you know. >> reporter: the family is still working to find -- finalize funeral plans. happening right now, crews in braintree are cleaning up after rotting wood contributed to an electrical hazard. take a look here electric in braintree tells fox 25 a rotted pole snapped today and brought down two poles near it. nobody was hurt and traffic along route 37 was not significantly impacted. recently braintree electric
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had purchased new poles the company was in the process of inspecting the old one. >> we're inspecting this area now i'm not sure if that specific pole was inspected. >> power was restored to 95% of customers within an hour. work won't be complete until sometime tomorrow morning. >> a garage fire in worcester getting a significant response today from firefighters. it broke out this afternoon on beverly road. the garage you see here in flames was not attached to that home. there are no initial reports of injuries. the cause of that fire still unknown. two men arraigned today are accused of assault with intent to murder all during a dispute over a girl. 21-year-old brendan donovan and 21-year-old anthony of saugus are charged with beating three people with a crowbar and a hammer in north reading. the pair were arrested on wednesday. police say they came to an auto repair shop on main street around 2:20 that
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afternoon beat up three people then took off. in court today, we learned the suspects knew the people they attacked. >> it's our understanding from speaking with one of the victims who was here today as well as other information that we've obtained from the police department, that the two individuals the two defendants here today actually go to school with one of the main victims in this case they're familiar with each other. essentially the fight was over a girl. >> the suspects are being held tonight on $5,000 bail. right now medford police are looking for this man he is suspected of breaking into three businesses near salem street. if you have seen them call medford police. meanwhile police in east end wanted you to take a close look at this one he robbed a c.v.s. on washington street. meanwhile, police in portsmouth, new hampshire
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exposure -- for indecent exposure on a bus. he was indecently exposing him in front of a woman a city bus. he has been convicted on that same change that means a felony charge. $sen00 bail. in new hampshire the issue of drug addiction is gaining bipartisan attention in the presidential race. new hampshire voters have used their primary to shape that conversation asking candidates to pay attention to the epidemic. on average one person dies every day in new hampshire from a drug-related overdose. candidates are calling for changes that will provide more treatment resources to communities. >> you're not going to be hanging out on street corners doing drugs when we do that we not only save human lives by the thousands we also save taxpayers money. >> we have no tolerance for the dealing and the violence
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and all the scprest that for those of you who become addicted that we're going to do the best we can to get you treatment. >> the epidemic expands beyond new hampshire borders. >> tonight local man is accused of stealing a jimmy fund donation jar from a convenience store. next at 10:00 how the man's own mother helped police arrest him and what happened when we knocked on his family's door. plus, an nba player gets in a fight outside a boston bar. why police are now investigating what the number one draft pick is saying about his street fight. but first, new details about the man who jumped the white house fence on thanksgiving.
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we continue to follow breaking news. three people are dead after a mass shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado springs, colorado. we're learning the victims are two civilians and one police officer. hospital. police say they are in good condition. investigators tell us a gunman walked into the clinic and started shooting. when police arrived that gunman exchanged fire with officers. after a five hour standoff the gunman gave up and walked out of the building and was arrested. also back here tonight at home a local man was sent to jail after police say his mom prompted him to turn himself in.
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her son was wanted for dealing a jimmy fund convenience store. fox 25's erica richie is live in dedham tonight. you reached out to that man's family? >> reporter: i did, john, because his family played story. it's a story that reminds us you are never too old to listen to your mother. because a 44-year-old dedham man did a local convenience store robbery was solved. this is the man police were looking for yesterday. identified only by the sunglasses on his head and the hooded sweatshirt he used to conceal the jimmy fund donation jar he had just swiped from a.g.s market in norwood thimpth today they learned his name 44-year-old david desheero jr. of dedham when he turned himself in. >> he turned himself in because his mother had turned his picture on the news it and was the right thing to do. >> reporter: at his arraignment today he head hung his attorney says he understands those donations are for kids with cancer and
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that taking them was a mistake. >> apparently he went to the store to buy a few items he turned around and left and realized he took he shouldn't have and turned himself in today in an attempt to make things right. >> reporter: knowing that decision was prompted by a family member we went to the home to ask about it. >> if anyone would like to talk about what happened at yesterday. >> we have no comment. can you shut the camera off please. >> reporter: meantime back at the convenience store he recalls yesterday's chain of events after he sold him scratch tickets and a drink. >> when he was scratching his tickets i turned away a little bit. >> reporter: a day later he's still dumfounded by that. >> we put a lot into it and our customers put a lot into it as well so it's kind of surprising that someone that. >> the jar had about $84 inside. when police asked him why he took it he simply said i don't know. he is free tonight after
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live in dedham, erica richie, fox 25 news. the man who jump the bhous flence undergo psychiatric evaluation. they stopped joseph after he hopped the fence yesterday. he left a suicide note and a message for his mother before he did it. on monday. he could spend up to a year in prison. tonight boston police are investigating a fight involving a player on the philadelphia 76ers outside a boston nightclub but have not yet issued any charges. a person told officers today he was the victim of assault and battery in a fight with sixers center okefenokee okafor. he said the fight after his team's loss to the celtics was quote definitely on my part. okafor did play against the houston rockets tonight against boston police say they have not yet charged okafor with any crimes.
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black friday deals drew tens of thousands of shoppers to the south shore plaz a. take a look at this video from early this morning. you can see a steady stream of shoppers. doors actually opened at midnight. mall managers said they expected about 51,000 people by the close of business. we spoke with one family who has maude black friday a shopping tradition. they're now going on 30 years for them the deals are great but even better. it's a way to spend time together. >> now we made it a tradition. you can certainly buy things on-line. it's probably more convenient in your house but we just enjoy it. so we decided to put the shirts together. >> announcer: now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. 59 in fitchburg, that's right now that's not your high temperature today. these were down from the 60s that we had early. pretty amazing black friday out there actually thanksgiving wasn't so bad either just warmer today we expected that we talked
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about it all week long. there are the clouds that are streaming in here. they're ahead of a cold front pushing our way. when it gets here it's going to produce some showers. now the front being a cold front of course has some cold air coming in behind it. we'll draw the front right here through northern maine and devise the rain from the snow that is snow behind the fronts. we know there's some chillier air working our way. it's coming right at burlington,er have it has some showers right along it. when it gets here the showers will start to appear in southern new hampshire, vermont they'll really pick up the space through about 8:00 tomorrow morning. but not 11 have rain all the time but you will have some showers on the through your morning activities really into noon time. by the afternoon sliding south of boston. cape cod and the islands rest of us staying cluck in the clouds. the farther north you or are going for your weekend the better chance have you of seeing sunshine. but it's also going to be cooler faster as well.
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because that sun is coming with the cool dry air. there are the clouds over us at 6:30 in the evening. they start to push southward. by 10:30 tomorrow night we're talking to you it will be mostly clear except for cape cod and the islands. you see this front will drag its feet it's getting on through here. the shower threat comes in overnight high temperatures tomorrow likely to be in the 40s not 50s. so be some 50 degree readings. 47 back here to worcester county 49 in westborough closer in 49 in ashland. 98 in natick and the south shore again temperatures generally in the 40s with a couple 50 degree readings you can see that here. 50 in scituate. even 52 the farther south you go. so a cooler day certainly. let's fast forward to sunday and find some better news. still some clouds sticking around south coast sunday morning even parts of the south shore. by the middle of the day everybody starting to get into sunshine. even out here in the islands you will get some sunshine out there.
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now it is going to be cooler but it will be a brighter day coming up on sunday for sure. these clouds coming in off the ocean won't be a big bother to us. basically the better part of your weekend is sunday. your weekend is always in view tomorrow. 100% chance of showers around doesn't mean you will get one 100% of the time though. by sunday cooler and brighter that's how we'll start the workweek too with sunshine and only 43 . >> a big day for north eastern hoops. i'll show you why next in sports. plus, there's an even bigger day for boston sports fans at the gardens. the bruins and the celtics but was it a positive day? i'll have that and the latest patriots news.
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this is a great thing it looks like four straight wins and six of eight entering today's contest with the new york rangers and folks this is a very, very physical affair at the garden. matt with the hard check. rangers takes up for his teammate. good shots landed again a very physical game but the game was also back and
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new york up 2-1 until brett connolly on the power play ties the game. still tied at 2 the rangers on the power play this time it's j.t. miller her puts the rangers up 3-2 under five minutes remaining the bruins would charge back. their power play off the rebound. ryan spooner. spooner stripped of the season two minutes later who is this? ninth of the season the bruins win this thing 4-3 it's the bs fifth straight win. >> we're learning to play more of a complete game and that's what you want to show that you're doing is continuing to get better each time. >> we won the game but i thought the game had a great ending. >> you can see how committed they were. >> great day for boston sports fans a double dip at the garden now. look at this transformation going on over here from ice to the hardwood i'm guessing it took a little longer than picture but still very cool
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the celtics and the wizards game number two. it's still here. going back the other way. avery bradley he can jump a little bit. celtics up 17. second half, jared sullinger has a great game goes off the step back jumper with 18. the cs republic 15. despite jared dudley former u-mass grad scoring 19 points the celtics win this thing big. the cs make it two wins at the garden today 111-78. northeastern college basketball taking on 15th ranked miami. going to the rack. get that out of here. onto our watch. no problem. trying to get the game winner yes, sir. and at the buzzer. north eastern takes out the 15th ranked team in the nation 78-77. so you are saying there's a chance? jamie collins finally on the
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if it was limited collins has been out with an undisclosed illness to are a week while danny amendola has been listed as questionable with a sprained knee. danny was limited in practice today as well. some u-mass football taking on buffalo in this game. the minutemen yeah, having a store there. minutemen. all right this is our final game of the season. the seniors trying to end with a positive mark. 31 points for u-mass they're on defense you see that they get the interception that was still the game for u-mass over buffalo. final in this one 31-26. still to come at 11:00, i have the patriots including word from tom brady on sunday's big test in denver with a very good broncos defense. >> all right, thanks, brian. the weather today beautiful but not going to last kevin. >> those 60s are gone it's already down into the 50s still very nice tonight but
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going to be for the weekend. walk outside and enjoy it we'll have more at 11:00. >> thank you for tuning in tonight we have our here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we know the secret ingredient to a great minestrone dirt. california dirt with the rich blend of nutrients that produces amazingly flavorful tomatoes. the best vegetables, like those we use here in vineland, come right from the earth. so if you're not going to make the minestrone yourself tonight, do what we do... make it progresso. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this
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